The Moblees:
Songs from the Hit TV Show!

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"Just joyous. Listening to the music of the Moblees brought a smile to our faces, thinking about the children in our class dancing to these upbeat tunes. We were impressed by the quality of the voices and the musicianship. Kids get it, and we think this new CD of Moblees will become one of our class favorites." - Karen & Sue, Early Childhood Educators

GET UP ON YOUR FEET AND GET READY TO MOVE!  Overflowing with catchy tunes and easy-to-remember lyrics, this JUNO Award-nominated album of move-along songs from the award-winning CBC Kids TV series THE MOBLEES will get your kids giggling and grooving toward a healthy, active lifestyle—all day long!

The recording features 19 songs.

1 The Moblees Television Theme
2 Move It, Groove It
3 Giggly Wiggly Silly Willy Dance
4 Happy Tippy Tap
5 Jump Like a Jumping Bean
6 Cowboy Gallop
7 Moblee Party Twist
8 Tropical Strutting
9 Zig Zag Shuffle
10 Wiggle Waggle
11 Hippity Hop
12 Spaghetti Swing
13 Skip-A-Skip Jump Rope
14 Twinkle and Twirl
15 The Crawling Song
16 Stop and Go Dynamos
17 Slitherly Slide
18 Summertime Strut (Bonus)
19 The Moblee Move (Bonus)

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